Balance of Commerce and Nature

Balance of Commerce and Nature
People have always come to the Adirondacks because of the region’s unique great natural resources and beauty. Our economy is dependent upon our environment and protecting that environment must go hand-in-hand with developing a strong and thriving focused economy. CAP-21 seeks to promote initiatives that find that essential balance between preserving our environmental heritage and natural beauty and our ability to live within, enjoy that heritage and pass it along to our children.

CAP-21 Enviromental Projects

  • CALES – Central Adirondack Laboratory for Environmental Studies – CAP-21 supported a study of the feasibility of establishing a center for environmental studies, for students, scientists and visitors to conduct research and promote environmental education. CAP-21 is working with the Central Adirondack Arts & Sciences Advocacy group to develop sustainable alternatives to establishing a CALES entity. Read the feasibility report at P100083_CALES_Old_Forge-FINAL-reduced
  • Local Waterfront Revitalization Projects – Through support from the NYS Department of State, Division of Coastal Resources, and funded under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Act, CAP-21 is assiting towns to develop long-term master plans for preservation and balanced use of their waterfronts. Rebuilding of the Navigation Docks in Old Forge, a waterfront usage area in Forestport, and improvements at Arrowhead Park are being supported through these projects.
  • 90 Miler Blueway Revitalization – The intent of this project is to develop a regional strategy for community revitalization, sustainable economic development and enhanced public access to waterways in the corridor between Old Forge and Saranac Lake. CAP-21 will be supporting a list of priority implementation projects along the Blueway including the development of a master plan for the Old Forge waterfront.
  • Trails Development – CAP-21 has supported prior work on the McCauley Trails, the TOBIE Trail and is currently working with the Town of Inlet on the Elaine Townsend Trail which will connect the northern part of Inlet (from Seventh Lake House) to the business district, the Inlet School and Fern and Arrowhead Parks. It will also provide a connector for portions of the TOBIE with Inlet snowmobile trails and the Moose River Plains.

WARDA Maple Ridge Trail Connector to McCauley

Most of us live or visit the West Central Adirondacks because of its vast natural beauty and the ready availability of hiking, cycling, paddling and ski and snow-mobile trail opportunities. CAP-21 supports parks and trailways development including improvements to the Old Forge lakefront, Arrowhead Park, the TOBIE and Townsend Trails and the 90 Miler Blueway from Old Forge to Saranac Lake.

CAP-21 issued the 90 Miler Blueway Trail Strategy report in June 2013. For more information on any of the CAP-21 environmental projects please contact us at .

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