Tip of the CAP

     Tip of the CAP

Our Adirondack communities are made up of people who continually go out of their way to help their neighbors, their towns, the region. These “good neighbors” are the business owners, the community organizatons, the volunteers who always take the extra step and make the extra effort to make their community a better place to live.

CAP-21 honors these good neighbors through our Tip of the CAP award and recognition event. During our Annual Meeting on October 22, 2021, CAP-21 will again acknowledge those community members or organizations within our Route 28 corridor of Forestport, Inlet, Webb and Long Lake for each of the following categories:

Business Leader Award – recognizing an area business owner that consistently gives back to their community in any number of ways

Community Organization Award – recognition of a community organization, non-profit, or public entity that enriches their community well beyond their own organization

Good Neighbor Award – given to an individual whose commitment of work, time and energy makes their community a better place to live for everyone

All those nominated will receive a certificate.  If you would like to nominate for any of these categories, please email us at info@livingadk.org or call us at 315-369-3353. The 2021 Tip of the CAP recognition event is scheduled for October 22 at the View Arts Center.