What’s New With CAP

May 2017

CAP-21 Board elects new Executive Director – Robin Hill

Robin Hill 2

Robin (Keyes) Hill Bio:
Robin (Keyes) Hill was born in Utica and moved to Fremont, Ohio in 1968 with her family when her father was transferred with Divine Brothers. From 1976 to 1984, she happily found herself working seasonally with her family, grandparents and many friends at Keyes Pancake House in Old Forge. Her parents, Dick and Marsha Keyes, sold the restaurant in 1988. Robin had moved to Atlanta, GA in 1987 where she entered the commercial real estate industry and managed Class A high rise office buildings for Childress Klein Properties. It was in Atlanta that she met her husband, Bill. Bill and Robin would visit and vacation in Old Forge whenever possible enjoying their hobbies of hiking, biking and canoeing. After several trips to Old Forge, they finally purchased a home at Ramona Point in 2013 even though they could only enjoy their home several weeks a year. Bill retired from the electrical contracting industry in late 2016 after 36 years, Bill moved to their Old Forge home permanently. Robin, desiring to join her husband and two dogs in Old Forge as soon as possible, heard of Nick Rose’s desire to retire from CAP 21 in 2017 and submitted her resume for consideration. She thought this would be the perfect opportunity to move back to Old Forge permanently and get seriously involved in a smaller community that she always loved. She intends to use her real estate investment management experience to continue CAP 21’s vision of economic growth, social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Robin endeavors to become quickly familiar with the needs of the surrounding communities under CAP 21’s umbrella and continue the success that Nick Rose and the past and current Board of Directors have worked hard to achieve since CAP 21’s inception in 2001 along with continued growth by searching for additional financial opportunities.

January 2017
CAP-21 Completes A Productive and Positive 2016

As 2016 ends many of us look back and reflect on all that happened in the past year. Hopefully, your year was as positive as the year CAP-21 had. As we end our 14th year as an incorporated non-profit, we completed our first year in the Adirondack Bank building, the first year for our Office Administrator, Tricia Clark, and the 6th year for our Executive Director, Nick Rose. Incorporated in 2001, CAP-21 has emerged as a major resource for our local West/Central communities, bringing almost $11 million in investments and grants back to the region. CAP-21 continues to work across 3 counties, serving the five townships of Forestport, Webb, Inlet, Long Lake and Indian Lake. The focus of CAP-21 remains on the three core areas of economic revitalization, social responsibility and environmental balance. The Board of CAP-21 measures its progress by our hands-on activity in all of these three areas.


At the core of CAP-21 is its community grant writing program which provides assistance to any of our five towns as well as to any community organization committed to working with us. During 2016, CAP-21 was able to secure grants and funding on behalf of the:

  • Niccolls Mission Boutique addition;
  • Inlet Church of the Lakes Tiffany Window restoration:
  • Inlet Veterans Memorial construction:
  • Trail maintenance equipment for the Inlet Barnstormers:
  • DEC Municipal Waste Recycling reimbursement for the Town of Webb (2 grants);
  • New 15 passenger vehicle for MACs Safe Ride;
  • Rural Area Revitalization funds for nine businesses in Indian Lake; and
  • Two Empire State Development grants for business expansion projects with the Woods Inn and Mountainman Outdoor Supply.


CAP-21 is also continuing involvement with Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) grants with Inlet and Long Lake. CAP-21 was also instrumental in working with the Central Adirondack Association (CAA), the Town of Webb and Herkimer County to continue the second year of the Old Forge/Thendara Community Transportation Shuttle this past summer. The Community Grant Writing program was initiated with support from the Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties and receives sustaining support from the CAA, Herkimer County and the towns of Webb and Inlet.


CAP-21 continues to administer the hanging flower basket and holiday basket programs as a means to help maintain the beauty and attractiveness of our communities. CAP-21 also continues to administer the Old Forge Farmers Market during a 16-week market season, providing support for regional farmers and artisans, as well as being a local Friday economic driver for Old Forge. All of the market proceeds are put back into the community, supporting our two local food pantries. In 2016 this amounted to over $4400 in nutrition assistance, primarily to our older residents and veterans. The 2017 market season will be our 10th, another CAP-21 milestone.


A major role for CAP-21 has developed as a voice for the region in projects that impact the entire Adirondack Park. CAP-21 is on the advisory board for projects like the Adirondack Lodging & Trail Systems project; the Great South Woods project; and the Adirondack Trail Towns project. We are a regional partner with the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program and member of the Adirondack Nonprofit Network (ANN), the Adirondack North Country Association (ANCA), the NY Council on Non-Profits (NYCON), and the Common Ground Alliance.  Our local voice was added to such Parkwide topics as the Remsen-Lake Placid Transportation Corridor Unit Management Plan, the Essex Chain of Lakes UMP, and the Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan proposed amendments.


Most of the NY State grant funding now occurs through the annual Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) process which takes place every summer. During the most recent CFA award announcements, CAP-21 was successful in helping to obtain two business expansion projects in Thendara and Inlet. It is our hope that these projects create permanent year-round jobs, help stabilize and revitalize these businesses and create increased sales tax revenue for their communities. In addition to our new collaboration with Empire State Development, CAP-21 continues to coordinate projects with the Office of Housing & Community Renewal, the NYS Department of State, the Dormitory Authority of NY (DASNY), and the Office of Parks, Recreation & Historical Preservation.


All in all, not a bad year but there is so much going on and so much more to accomplish. In 2017 CAP-21 will need to renew its five-year strategic plan laying out its work for the next five years. In addition, CAP-21 will be seeking a new Executive Director to carry on its work.

So our Holiday Wish List for 2017 would be as follows:

  • Executive Director – want to lead a dynamic and vital community organization. If you know of someone who would love to carry on this work please contact us (369-3353).
  • Board Members – want to be a part of a great organization?
  • Volunteers – we need volunteers for our flower basket programs, Farmers Market and for the CAPPY Duck Derby. Do you have just a few hours a week to help make your community look like a great place to live, work and play?
  • Support – want to support a great organization? Donate by mail (PO Box 642, Old Forge, NY 13420), on-line at www.cap-21.org or drop by the office. Please help us continue our good work.
  • And most importantly – prosperity, vitality and health for our Adirondack communities in 2017 and beyond.

October 2014

Please check out the 6th annual Duck Derby winners at the CAPPY Duck home page


CAP-21 has been part of a project to develop a web-portal for recreation activities within the Park and neighboring communities. Search by activity, by region/town, by season. Go to www.visitadirondacks.com/recreation to start exploring the Adirondack Park today. Also download the free mobile application which can be used anywhere in the Park, even without cell service.

CAP-21 is participating in a project with the Common Ground Alliance and the Adirondack Partnership on a North Country project to develop a long-term strategy and approach for continued economic revitalization within the Park. This approach is looking at how specific economic sectors can be improved and what types of promotional, marketing and financial supports would improve the sustainability of business and eco-tourism within the Park. For more information go to www.adirondackstrategies.com .

CAP-21 assisted the Town of Inlet in securing a Local Waterfront Revitalization Project (LWRP) from the NYS Department of State for implemented additional improvements at Arrowhead Park. Arrowhead recently completed its 50th year as a municipal park and draws 30,000+ visitors per year. The Park is the cornerstone of Inlet’s tourism economy and improvements will include beach changing rooms, improved parking and walkways, increased accessibility, landscaping and lighting improvements and hopefully construction of a Park events pavilion.

Central Adirondack Laboratory for Environmental Studies (CALES)
Through a grant from the NYS Department of State, and in collaboration with the Town of Webb and the Central Adirondack Arts & Sciences Advocacy, project consultants Phinney Design and ELAN Planning have developed a feasibility study on the establishment of an environmental and research entity within Old Forge. For more information please check out the summary report at  CALES report_Revised draft_April 17

Town of Webb Waterfront Revitalization Project
The Town of Webb has developed a conceptual ”Master Plan” for the future of the municipal waterfront park. This design plan is intended to provide ideas and effective approaches to preserve and enjoy this major asset. Please review these plans and feel free to share your thoughts and ideas as well. Also, make sure you bring the kids to the beach to see the new pirate ship playground secured through a grant with Herkimer County HealthNet.
Summary Brief Webb Waterfront

Woods Inn Dockage
Take a ride or take your boat to the Woods Inn. Enjoy the Inn and enjoy the business district in Inlet.
The Woods Inn dock is open to the public and was built using design plans based upon the original construction that occurred around 1910. The Town of Inlet was the grant recipient of a Rural Business Enterprise Grant from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA)  Rural Development to assist the Town’s largest seasonal employer and create new water-based tourism opportunities for the townCAP-21 wrote the grant for Inlet using design plans that were based on old photographs of the century old dock.

Check out the Adirondack Futures Project which looks at possible scenarios for the Park and what strategies and events would have to be in place for these outcomes to occur.

Check out the cycling website from the Adirondack North Country Association (ANCA)